Alessandro Brignone, aka Mcd, is an italian music artist involved in electronic music, djing and managing support on Betulla┬áRecords label. Starting to play guitar at 6, he discovered electronic music and synths in the mid ’90s; he produced with many alias and groups; in 2002 he founded DEC (Divisione Elettronica Clandestino) and realized a sampler compilation with other local artists; from 2003 to 2008 he was a founder and member of electronic duo Dveight (Betulla Records).
From 2009 he plays tracks and samples with eight hands jamming dj set supergroup Playmob, with dj friends Bubu, Hartmann and Cigno.
He’s also a member of electronic trio iLana, with Daniele Sciolla and Martino Gallo.
Despite his love for computers, actually he likes to produce & to play tracks with old analog synths, with an Ep coming soon.