AMargine – Music for MAKHNO [BTL014]

Music for MAKHNO
Originally composed for MAKHNO, film by Sandro Bozzolo

“To film a line which it does not exist. A line laid on the ground and effaced by time, a line that only a glass eye could perceive. A certain answer was nowhere to be found: the line kept on moving and vanishing. The glass eye would get lost and miss the point. On a mountain path, everything is a border.”

AMargine is a sound collective composed by Alessio Dutto, Simone Sims Longo and Francesco Torelli []


released September 13, 2018

Composed and mixed by AMargine
Mastered by Alessio Dutto at Hubsolut studio (Cuneo IT)
Artwork: Alessio Dutto
2018 © Betulla Records – BTL014