Simone Sims Longo – Butterfly Shreds [BTL010]


“Butterfly Shreds” arrives on September 22nd 2016, in 12” and digital. After a long time dedicated to deep research, Simone Sims Longo returns with this work, showing his new point of view on artistic and musical creation, inspired by activities and issues such signal processing, sound installations, field recordings, sound synthesis, spatialization, sound design but also techno, electro and further influences. Simone Sims Longo’s research attitude makes his music experimental, without taking the warmth apart: this is the peculiarity of his artistic sensibility, due to his interest in both musical expression and technological development. “Butterfly Shreds” is made by complex textures, high definition production and rhythmic intersections on several levels: this is Longo’s way to synthesize an accessible and seductive electronic dance music, new elegant forms and meticulously produced rhythm tracks. Over the last few years Simone Sims Longo has collaborated with some other brilliant European artists in Germany, Hungary and Italy, improving his way to experiment around electronic music, trying to find and preserve its humanity. Bold and original.

Composed, mixed and mastered by Simone Sims Longo (except Oneironaut, composed with Aluphobia). Produced by DiaClasi. Artwork : Giulia Toscano